Our Story

Homegrown began in 2003 in the back of a VW Bus that I drove around the country to music festivals where I would set up shop with my own line of bags that I designed and made by hand! It was a true slow made line that has evolved over the years to something I could have only dreamed of!

Now beautifully nested right downtown in the heart of Orleans, I have put together the store of my dreams, a tribute to the saying that hard work pays off! Here you will find everything that I love, everything that to me represents the lifestyle that I live and love, with simple, beautiful, and quality products that allow us to live a true modern bohemian lifestyle!

After years of living on the road touring the country in my bus, I learned to appreciate the simple things in life, and developed a love for quality over quantity, something that is hard to do in this consumer based society we live in today!

Having achieved this myself, I can truly say that happiness comes from the beautiful moments we make in our life, and this is why I carry things at Homegrown that do just that! I don't live in my bus anymore, I now live with my amazing husband Sean and beautiful little boy Jonah Kai on Cape Cod where I still love to incorporate the magic and spirit of those gypsy vagabond times I spent on the road adventuring!

Every winter I spend traveling with my guys having new adventures, and making new memories, and on these trips I find all the beautiful collections that I bring back to Homegrown! Little pieces of the adventure, the best of what I find, I bring back for you!

From the curated collection of apparel to the special fair trade and handmade artisan lines, as well as the collections that will help bring good vibes and uniqueness to your own beautiful home! Like the perfect candle + pillow + cozy throw! My goal is to offer you all the things to inspire, reflect, and live your dream of a true modern bohemian lifestyle!

peace + love